Gambling Away the Golden Years

0077Gambling Away the Golden Years Book CoverIn response to the need for prevention and education information for seniors, the North American Training Institute has created a program to help raise senior awareness of compulsive gambling. The program is intended to educate not only the seniors themselves, but also their adult children, senior center workers and anyone else who works with seniors.

The program, Gambling Away the Golden Years has two main components, a video and a book. The video features the real-life story of a recovering compulsive gambler and his wife. As a recovering compulsive gambler, Mr. M. tells how his addiction devastated their retirement plans and drained their bank account. Mrs. M. speaks frankly about the bailouts, the loss of trust in their marriage and about returning to work at age 68 to help pay off her husband’s gambling debts.

The senior book is intended to raise awareness of compulsive gambling among senior citizens by educating the reader on the progression the addiction, the Red Flags or Warning Signs of compulsive gambling and how to get help for a compulsive gambler.

Each Gambling Away the Golden Years Educational Kit includes a video and ten books. The cost of each kit is $95 (U.S.). Individual books are available for $6 each. Click here to purchase these items from our new online catalog.