The Criminal Justice System



Probation Manual – Working with Problem Gamblers

This intensive manual was produced by GamCare and the Association of Chief Officers of Probation. Its aim is to give probation staff the knowledge to identify problem gamblers, and work confidently and effectively with those offenders to address their gambling problem. It is available from your Probation Area Office, or contact GamCare for more details.

Leaflets and Posters

GamCare produces a range of information leaflets and posters which are available from the Publications & Research section. The leaflet ‘Supporting a Problem Gambler would be especially relevant for visitor centres within Prisons and Young Offender Units. We also produce literature for professionals regarding interventions for a gambling dependency. Whilst we also have information leaflets for young people, we are in the process of designing a new leaflet for use within the Criminal Justice System.

Workshops and Training

GamCare provides ½ and full day training for any organisations within the criminal justice system who feel that they would benefit from an increased awareness of problem gambling.

The training covers general information about problem gambling and it’s social impact, the consequences of problem gambling and basic intervention strategies. You will also be aware of the services and literature available for problem gamblers and professionals working with them.